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bonŝanco trovo

the trick is to keep breathing, warrior queen.

F. P.-D. (Perlo-Diamanto)
8 May
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Well, I don't write only fanfics so don't bother if you find something else than what you possibly thought you would - you were supposed to find them. It's okay. It's not fanfiction but it's okay. Don't panic or call the doctors on me. (Hope you can take a joke, by the way keke).

~ Let me introduce myself...
here comes trouble~

Brazilian, 21 (NOW 23!!1!) years old, probably still a journalism student nowadays (I'll get the hell out of this as soon as possible to be quite honest - NOW A LANGUAGES STUDENT!1!);
I'm immature but you'll probably fall in love with me either way;
borderline bipolar (AKA an arsehole), smoker; partying whenever sadness knocks on the door;
photography, writes, reads, makes and listens and lives from music, movies, acting;
talking, silence, noise, citycitycity! ~||~
still doesn't know what to do or where to go from now on... I might never actually grow up;

Enfim. - if you like Sirius Black and Kim Heechul, you'd probably know how to handle me.

Any question? Try it here. || and if you want to find me anywhere else, all the links are here.